Greetings fellow Bookworms, and Page turners,

It’s February, so I thought I would try some thing new. So welcome to our new monthly segment, “Quote of the month” where we will be looking at some interesting quotes from famous writers and playwrights of all generations.

As I’m starting something new, I thought the following quote would be appropriate!

‘If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you’ll never enjoy the sunshine.’

Morris West, Australian novelist and playwright

To me, this quote is saying that if you spend your whole life stuck in your own little box, your going to miss the good things in life. So get out there, try something knew, and by all means stop once in a while to smell a flower. We need to take heed of the little serendipitous moments as well as the big ones, just don’t hold yourself back! Muster a little optimism, put on those ‘big person pants’ and get out there and enjoy the sunshine!

Until Next Time, Read More Books!….

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