Title: The King’s Coat
Author: Dewey Lambdin
Published: 29th July 1998

Hello my fellow Bookworms and page turners,

Welcome back, today we are looking at something sort of in my wheel house and at the same time, something that’s not.

This particular story is of the slice of life / naval genre, this one in particular is about the British Navy during the times of the Napoleonic war.

When i asked my friend about it, this basically what they said:

“Well its based in 1780, and the main character Alan Lewrie is shipped off to the navy by his father to avoid a family scandal. Older than most other midshipmen, he relies on the kindness of several of his shipmates to help him catch up in his studies and learn the basics of ship board life. As time progresses he finds that he enjoys his new life and career.”

You may think from the above, that this sounds like quite the wholesome redemption story, and that despite the scandal our protagonist is quite the regular upstanding English gent….

Nope! As it turns out our protagonist is not brave, loyal, or honourable, and is in fact a womanizing, spoiled, rich kid who has no choice what so ever but to join the navy. This self entitlement oozes through the pages and it is for this reason, that majority of the officers don’t like him.. but the women do

it is at this time, I feel I must warn you that the amount of smut surrounding the female characters, and the amount of detail put into the multi-page sex scenes in this novel is definitely biblical in scale. Which means that reading this on your daily commute could make your average bus journey to work or church on a Sunday rather awkward (who am I kidding I don’t go to church). Make sure you keep this out of reach of your mum, or your gran because there will be questions and further judgement.

But smut and sex aside, this is a very fine Hornblower/Sharpe-esque tale of derring-do in Her Majesty’s Navy during the Napoleonic Wars, and a fairly entertaining read!

Until next time, read more books!

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