Hello my fellow Bookworms and page turners,

Welcome back to Between The Blurb, its been a while since I did something that wasn’t a straight up book review or Word of the Week. So I rifled around in my noggin’ for some idea’s whilst I reading a light novel on my commute to work, when a fellow train passenger asked me “Are you reading?”.. and like lightning it hit me!

Stupid things that as a bookworm, I’m fed up of people asking / saying!

  1. Why do you always have your nose buried in your phone? You, know you should read more.
    -point one, given the amount of apps and readily available content on portable media, how do you know I’m not reading?
    -point two, how is me being on my phone somehow detriment to my wellbeing? is this the Stephen King universe?.. No, then please leave me alone
  2. You read?.. You didn’t strike me as the type..
    What the hell does that even mean? What’s the type?.. I mean I wear glasses, and I’m not exactly what you would call a rebel type. I’m a university graduate, with a book blog.. so what is the type?
  3. Oh, you read? Have you read this? You haven’t? Huh... That’s weird..
    Yes, I do read, and I read quite a lot, but I don’t have a copy of every book in existence or a magical crystal ball that notifies me of every single book release ever! If you want to recommend a book to me, do it. Don’t try to be some judgmental edge lord who thinks they know better just because I’ve never heard of that particular story.
  4. You don’t read non-fiction? Then what’s the point of reading at all?
    This one… my god, I have heard this so many times! I read to escape, more so in the last few years than any of the ones before, not sure why people don’t understand that.. I mean its not like there has been a super stressful and disturbing worldwide issue over the last 2 years that you would want to stop thinking about and instead dive into kind of magical, Isekai type story.
  5. You are reading a YA /Graphic novel? *makes a judgy face* isn’t that for children?
    Sigh.. in a world where we have Deadpool as a big box office R-rated comicbook film, we still get people asking this question… Yes, you can have graphic novels for children, but you can equally have some absolutely terrifying Stephen King like YA/Graphic Novels, or others that discuss mirrored political, and socio-economical issues in a parallel world setting. Grow up, let people read and watch what they want, its not hurting you…

Phew, I wont lie that was quite therapeutic to get off my chest! Did you relate to this? Let me know in the comments some other things you are tired of hearing!

Until next time, read more books

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