Hello my fellow Bookworms and Page Turners. I personally feel that the cover of a book plays a key part of a books
6285903success, the trick is finding the right cover in order to sell books to the right people (the cooks target audience of course). Whether you’re a  mum looking for a steamy escape or a kid who wants an amazing adventure, a good cover tells you that you’ve come to the right place. Regardless of whether or not it clearly depicts the events of the book, it sets the tone for the story even before you turn the first page or glance at the first word.

Of course, this is no easy feat, there are a lot of outside factors to consider, especially in the scope of those adults that keep up on popular culture, and want to be current and up to date at the dinner table and “water cooler” at work. ChildrenTHE-VAGRANT.jpeg seem to be more susceptible to a book cover that’s heavily art illustrated, and then once they find a book they like they seem to stick with similar themes, this is why a lot of high profile series have the same illustrator on most of there books especially in the case of children’s literature.They don’t need author names or recommendations from critics, they need a designer or artist to tell them that the book is a lot like the other books that they enjoy.

What do you think? Does the design of a book cover influence what you read? and what is your favourite Book cover?

I have to admit at this moment in time its a draw between Retribution Falls, by Christopher Wooding which was Illustrated by : Jay Lake & The Vagrant, by Peter Newman which was Illustrated by: Jaime Jones

Until next time, read more books!..

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