Hello my fellow bookworms and Page Turners! It’s time to for panel number two of the comic extravaganza that was the Thought Bubble 2015! .. so what is on the post today .. well those of you who read the title, would know that this post is all about!..

*Drum Roll*

Panel 2 : Live Sketching Event – with Doug Braithwaite | Wes Craig | Isabel Greenberg| Amy Reeder Hosted by Peter Doherty

So this Post is going to be a bit shorter then the last, partly because I was mesmerized by how fluid and easy they made drawing look, I wish I had took a proper camera with me but alas for weight, convenience and weather purposes the SLR and Camera stayed at home.. but don’t despair! I had my phone on me, so I guess we will both have to just make do!

Wes Craig, kicked off this Panel, and he did so with quite the flurish! Wes, is most well known for his work on the Image comic ” Deadly Class” and for his rather spiffy Batman story.

I didn’t get many of his process, as it was SO FAST! and I was trying to listen to the conversation.. but found it very difficult!

Our second Live Drawer  Isabel Greenberg (who was my favourite in this panelcouldnt be more different in style from Wes if she tried Isabel is an award-winning is a British graphic novelist and illustrator. She is currently most well known for her first book – The Encyclopedia of Early Earth.

As you can see her style is so different and fresh, it was so interesting watching her work, and what is more other then a very light skeletal frame for the figure everything else was drawn in ink, straight away in ink.. in front of a live audience.. talk about brave but sure enough she pulled it off and what a beautiful piece she made. (also please note all the colours are ink and paint) no digitalization at all!

Now I would have hated to follow that but there was a man there ready and waiting for the chance, veteran artist and genuinely nice guy Doug Braithwaite Doug has done a bit of everything in his time in the industry from Punisher Kills in the late 80’s to Arm Hunters he has done it all! and he didn’t disappoint.

He was so fluid and precise and the only artist to do a full sketch within this panel before inking – he said he doesn’t really like the digital way of drawing and he prefers the traditional route, however he does use the digital tools more in recent years to edit, crop, amend and touch up he admitted, personally I think this shows in the way he draws compared to the other artists in this particular panel.

And fianlly we finished off the first Live sketch panel with the lovely  Amy Reeder. Amy , is an American comic book artist, known for her work on titles such as Fool’s Gold, Madame Xanadu, and Batwoman & of course Rocket Girl. she modestly stepped up to the plate, and I took loads of pictures.. but something clearly went wrong with my phone.. but!! I managed to salvage some with some techno wizardry so this is what I have!

I really liked watching Amy draw, I noticed her set up to drawing is very similar to my own, the only difference of course is well… look at her work its AMAZING! I really really like the hair, its something I personally cant do, especially short hair.. I am more like.. what do I do with this?.. but professional is the word, she came she talked she drew.

During the panel the artists shared their experiences, and gave a few tips here and there to the audience, not only about drawing but about comics, motivation, and genuinely bits and bobs about life, the main thing to take away from it is, it really is never too late, so long as you commit!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I admit it is more of a ooo look at the amazing artwork post then a general overview, and for that I prologise but.. they are amazing “arn’t” they? you cant really blame me for being blinded by there sheer talent! Please let me know what you think! and if you know any amazing artists let me know I would love to check out there work!

Until next time, read more books.. (and do art its magic!)


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