Greetings fellow Bookworms, and Page turners today’s post is a question, to you my bookish brethren. What are you reading?

my Family is full of readers, my grandparents and parents are readers, my Uncle is one as well as my brother, although admittedly he is a reader of Manga and Graphic Novels more than hard literature.  But what might shock you most of all, is seeing all of us at it even Molly (my uncles dog) has become one. Proving once and for all that reading is indeed a infectious hobby.


I try to read for about a hour a day, but sometimes I manage to sneak in a little more with bus journeys and car journeys, even walking to the shops, with either a hard copy or my trusty “Travel Companion” (my kindle) at my side. The rest of the family, seem to have an abundance of time where they can sit with their nose in a book, and yet everything around them seems to get done anyway. There must be a trick to it, if you know what it is, can you let me know?.. I strongly suspect the answer is either sleep cleaning or reading, but that’s a theory for another blog post.

Here are the books that we are currently reading:

  • The Shepherd’s Crown – by Terry Pratchett
  • The Numbers Game :Why Everything You Know About Football Is Wrong – by Chris Anderson
  • The Black Monastery by Stav Sherez
  • Vanish – Tess Gerritsen
  • Grimspace -by  Ann Aguirr
  • The Tattered Banner – by Duncan M Hamilton

what are you reading? any good book recommendations for the young and old? …thank you for sharing!


Until next time, read more books…

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