Hello again my fellow bookworms and page turners. wow, now that was a whirlwind of a weekend. Talk about a influx of information, The Brit-crime festival left me with so many idea’s, books, panels and questions, that I wasn’t sure how to really begin!.

as you can clearly see by the picture , there was far too much information for me to process into one post. So over the last 24 hours I have decided to do a..

 *engage echo-y voice* –  Crimeeee Weeeekkkkk..

In this first post of crime week, I am going to tell you a brief overview of the goings on in within the Brit-Crime festival. The festival was hosted over the weekend on Facebook through a series of event panels on which both the authors and attendee’s could discuss particular works of a featured author as well as ask the actual author questions on their style, writing and inspirations.

The ten panels within the festival consisted of the following:

Panel 1 : Serial Killer Thriller – with Rebecca Bradley | Steven Dunne | Jane Isaac | Craig Robertson
Panel 2 : This is Personal… – with Steve Cavanagh | Paul Finch | Mel Sherratt
Panel 3 : Proceed with Caution – with Eva Dolan | Sarah Hilary | Fergus McNeill
Panel 4 : Serial Offenders – with Graeme Cameron | Mason Cross | Emma Kavanagh | Alexandra Sokoloff
Panel 5 : Trust No One – with Mark Edwards | Chris Ewan | C L Taylor | Louise Voss
Panel 6: When the Past Won’t Stay Buried – with Jenny Blackhurst | SJI Holliday | Colette McBeth | Clare Mackintosh
Panel 7 : Crime in the City – with Michael J Malone | Alex Marwood | Nick Quantrill | Luca Veste
Panel 8 : Skeletons in the Closet – with Tammy Cohen | Julia Crouch | Amanda Jennings | Sarah Ward
Panel 9 : Foreign Bodies – with Quentin Bates | M J McGrath | K T Medina | Daniel Pembrey
Panel 10 : Femmes Fatales – with Helen Giltrow | Ava Marsh | Marnie Riches

Now I am unsure if I will be covering all 10 panels, but time permitting i will do as much as humanly possible within the week I have allotted myself.

Other then covering most if not all of the 10 panels, I will be doing reviews of certain crime novels, most of which are by Authors featured / mentioned within the Festival. I Also have a few interviews with crime writers lined up to wrap-up the whole week! I hope you all enjoy crime week! and if you have anything to discuss, add, or even criticize please feel free to do so in the comments below.

Until next time, read more books!

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