Title: We are the Dead (The Last War #1)
Author: Mike Shackle
Published: Aug 2019
Pages: 488

Hello my fellow Bookworms and page turners,

Well, this was certainly something. I can honestly say I dont think I have ever read a book that opens with a Prayer, and not a prayer like that! Lets just say it unequivically sets the tone of this dark fantasy, so that their is no doubt what so ever to reader what they are getting themselves into.

That being said, I quite liked this one!

The world within the pages of this one could be compaired to the Sengoku period of Japanese history where states warred against one another crossed with how France was occupied by the Nazi’s during World War II. This story has just about everything you can imagine from that brief description, It has a Resistance (But, they wont say zis’ only once), strong female architypes, swathes of faceless soldiers and a series of Magical Evil SS officers, and much, much more.

The World building is admirable and the pacing of the story is excellent, but what made this one for me was the characters, in fact Shackle has created a whole host of complex characters, and villains, oh the Villains! (thats right with a capital V) These guys are so bad, and I mean they are to be truly feared, I wouldnt be surprised that if you looked up the word Villain or Feared in the dictionary that there would be an illustration of some of them. But in all seriousness this was such a smooth and exciting read that really kept me on the edge of my seat.

Until next time, read more books!

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