Hello my fellow bookworms and Page Turners! It’s time to for the second live draw of  Thought Bubble 2015! ..  and this live draw is one to end all live draws!.. or so some people have told me. so who is in this monumental live draw?…..

*Drum Roll*

Panel 4:  Live Sketching Event- with Kate Beaton | Farel Dalrymple | Tula Lotay | Ben Templesmith

So this Post is going to be a bit shorter then the last,again like before partly because I was mesmerized by how fluid and easy they made drawing look,  again I apologise as I didn’t take a proper camera with me but alas for weight, convenience and weather purposes the SLR and Camera stayed at home.. but don’t despair! I still had my had my phone on me, so I guess we will both have to just make do!

Tula Lotay, kicked off this Panel, and wow.. I think my jaw actual dropped, watching this piece come together was truly a joy, this was actually my favourite piece that I saw across all of the Live Draw event, and what makes it even better is Tula seems to be a really nice and somewhat Humble artist, if I had skills like this… you would all see my swagger! my only disappointment was that she had to leave early to go to a signing and I would have loved to have heard more from her, and considering my terrible luck I couldn’t find her in the convention to talk to her personally but next time! I am going to buy all of her things!

Our second Live Drawer Farel Dalrymple , to be honest must have balls of steel going up to follow Tula in my opinion, also didn’t disappoint, his style was so fluid and his paint and ink work was so fast and perfect, it was unbelievable. – the character you see below is one of his main characters from his well known comic “Wrenchies” which I mentioned in my first Panel overview here. He was also another artist that demonstrated his skills by not drawing in pencil at all… which is very ballsy and is a testament not only to his confidence but his skill as well!


Our Third Live Drawer needs little to no introduction, it was of course Kate Beaton. Kate shared with us all that she has some terrible university comics that she reserves to get rid on un-wanted boyfriends, apparently all they need to do is glance and then you hear “Ooohhh” before they “Mary Poppins” out of the window, so not only is she talented she has witty anecdotes and a great personality! These comics however she said we would never see! and the internet didn’t contain them!… well… she is right I think.. well I couldn’t find them and believe me.. I tried! So like a tree that doesn’t make a sound when no one is there to hear it, im unsure if she really did make a terrible comic.. maybe one day she will publish them as a April Fool?.. but until that day we will have to look at her current amazing work as well, behold the Mystery Solving Teens.

To finish this art extravaganza, who else is left but  Ben Templesmith, who said that

“Art is like making love, and sketching is like Masturbation”

.. turns out he is amazing at both!.. just saying ladies. He made quick work of this piece, and despite the sheer speed, I mean he did this in 10 minutes, and he used ink and it has a lot of depth an texture, I mean take a look for yourself there is no words to describe, I just sat back and stared in amazement, and glancing sideways to my friend who was literally sat agape and uttered “..wow”

During the panel the artists shared their experiences, and gave a few tips here and there to the audience, not only about drawing but about comics, motivation, and genuinely bits and bobs about life.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I admit it another one of those OOooo look at the amazing artwork post then a general overview, and for that I prologise but.. lets face it the artwork is amazing and they are pretty amazing too.

Until next time, read more books.. (and do art its magic!)

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