So over the last few nights, ive been having this very vivid and pretty scary repetitive dream. But on the flip side it would make a pretty intense very short story. So.. let’s give this a shot!

The dream always starts the same, I am sat in my room, on the computer, and I can see these strange small outlines which are floating around my room, over the course of seconds these faint shapes begin to take a more solid form, the look like strange insects, but there are a lot of them, I go downstairs to talk to my parents, and they are everywhere it’s like we are infested with the little blighter’s, they still appear translucent, and when I reach out to touch one I seem to faze straight through it. I ask my parents about it and they look at each other with great concern.
“there isnt anything there Sam” they say their faces gaunt, and worried

I press the matter further,  but this only infuriates my dad. He tells me to follow and I did, he lead me out and down the street, towards the public park at the end of the street. As we walk down the street the amount of these bugs lessen, until eventually when we reached the end, there was nothing, it was as if everything had returned to normal. However once we got to the end of the street, there is no park, but instead a large expanse of fields, and in the centre a small building approximately the size of a garage. he leads me inside through a door which is cropped far too short, it hovers above the floor by several inches, the garage comprises of just one room, it is pretty bare there is a wardrobe, and a desk, sitting upon the desk is an ancient computer, it looks like it’s something out of a 80’s movie. Dad turns to me and tells me this is where I will now be living, he will bring a bed so that I won’t have to sleep on the floor, and that he will come round every week to make sure I am ok and will bring food so I won’t starve to death. he promptly leaves closing the door behind him. Leaving me alone in the room, with nothing but the natural light coming through the windows illuminating this abysmal looking room, which is seemingly my future home.

I must only have been standing there a few moments, and there is a knock on the door, I walk over to answer it, I can hear to hushed voices on the other side, and I can see the shadow cast by their feet under the door, I turn the handle and with a creak I open it wide, and come face to face with two women in their early 20’s on is tall with short mousey brown hair, and blue eyes she is wearing dark blue skinny jeans and a red t-shirt, and has a brown jacket tied around her waste by the arms the second lady is shorter, with long blonde hair  tied back into a plated ponytail, she is also wearing skinny jeans but they were black, she wore a grey t-shirt with some kind of emblem on it. I have never met these two before.
“Are you Sam?” the brunette asked
I remember furrowing my brow in puzzlement. “yes, who are you?” I replied
The Brunette stepped back as if weary of me, she looked me up and down she turned to the blonde and nodded at her silently.
“is it true you can see things? things others can not?” the Blonde asked

“if your referring to those bug things then yes, but there isn’t anything like that around here” I replied

The brunette raised her eyebrows in surprise, her mouth gaped open slightly.

“In that case we need your help, I have also started to see these bugs, my friend Kate here” the brunette gestures towards the shorter blonde “can hear things others cant”

“Together I believe we can help a lot of people, if you are willing to come with us we will prove it to you” Kate interjected
I shook my head, my hand still on the door, I thought about closing it and just going back to wallow in my own misery in this tiny room, for some reason my thoughts never even came to rest upon the possibility of going home. I closed my eyes and sighed, and told them I might as well as go with them after all, I had nothing better to do.
I followed them away from the “shed ” like structure, just allowing the door to close behind me, with an audible click. I followed them across the field over towards where the estate would lie if it was real life, eventually we came to some buildings, nothing like those in the area  where we should have been, instead they where reminiscent of those in Derby around the Halls of residence where I stayed when I was a student several years ago, non of them particularly prominent or poignant except for the one with a Tardis blue door. As we approached the brunette turned to me, it’s the first time any of us has spoken while walking.
“in this house there is a distraught lady, her husband has gone missing, he is a teacher at Eastfield School (my old primary school) we believe we can help her, with your assistance”
I said nothing, only thought that there was little to no help I could give the poor woman, im not a PI it’s not like im good at finding people either. I am about to voice this opinion when suddenly the door opens, there stood in the door way is a red puffy eyed short stocky lady in her early forty’s her hair short and cut into a bob, she wore black trousers and a white blouse, she looked a little like one of those strict matrons from a carry on movie. She sobbed slightly at the sight of us and gestured us inside. I remember nothing of the décor, only that there was a blue sofa on which i sat, and a cup of coffee was thrusted into my hands by the blonde girls shortly after sitting…

I remember the Wife of the missing man speaking, her voice barely audible above the muffled sobs breaking her sentences and drowning out the words as if she couldn’t get them out. She explained that there was an accident the day before, an accident she couldn’t explain. as she began to tell us the details of the accident the world blurred around me and I was no longer in a room but instead I was in a shop, I could see both the older Lady, who was accompanied by a gentleman of a similar age, he was neatly dressed in a suit, and had quite the magnificent set of mutton chops, his eyes a steely blue, with just a hint of a twinkle in them, they were in a book store buying some books, the gentleman had picked up this small red book with a black symbol on it, it looked similar to that of a glyph out of a on-line MMORPG or something, he seemed more than happy with his find, they looked happy. it was then I came to the sudden realisation that I couldn’t move, all I could do was stand and watch as this scene unfolded in front of me, they left the shop, and got into a small hatchback which was parked just out front in the car park, I drifted overhead like some kind of omnipotent being overseeing this journey like some kind of areal police chase. suddenly my vision lowered closer to the ground as they reached a bridge over a river, it was then that I saw it, a dark mass heading straight for the vehicle at an angle downward from the sky, it hit the car as it took the bend onto the bridge, there as a terrible screech of breaking metal as the car spun out of control, it hit the railing and went through it like tissue paper, the black mass upon it, like a hawk attacking its prey, I could hear the panicked scream of a woman, as the car toppled of the edge of the bride, the driver side door flung open and the black mass picked up the male driver, and carried him off into the sky, I watched motionless as the car fell into the river, a few seconds later, the lady submerged gasping for breath, and swam over to the river bank, by this time other cars had pulled over by the roadside some of their occupants had got out of the car to give her assistance as they dragged her onto dry land, my vision went dark and I was sat again on the sofa staring into the cup of coffee the woman was now hysterical, shouting:

“he flew, he flew, no one believed me, but you do don’t you?”

We left shortly after, I didn’t say a word to either of the girls, I just kept my head down, wanting to get home as soon as possible, it was getting dark, and I didn’t fancy going back to that miserable looking shed if I had to.

“what did you see?” Kate asked, “did you see the school?”
“no” I answered “I can’t explain what I saw, something caused a car to crash of a bridge, but lifted out a man, and took him up into the sky.. or at least that’s what I think if saw” I rubbed my head, I must be going mad, why am I seeing these things even more worrying is why am I sharing them with two complete strangers?
“what did you see?” I asked, not being sure i wanted to hear the answer
“I saw a classroom, shrouded in light, surrounded by darkness” Kate said
“and I heard the laughing of children, and the tapping of chalk on a blackboard” the Blonde added

So to the school we go then, Kate announced, the blonde nodded in acceptance.
“err, I think I will give it a miss, I think it’s about time I went home” I said calmly

” well you have to walk past the school to get home anyway, so you might as well as come with us” the blonde said cheerfully cracking a smile at me.

I grunted and shrugged, it was on my way, I just would carry on walking.. but when we got there, the school was shrouded in darkness, accept for one room on the second floor, fourth window to the left, I knew that classroom, it was the same one I used to have English in, I remember because I accidentally broke the window while trying to open it, Mr Batt, that was my English teacher had been furious with me, and had rang my dad, I couldn’t sit down for a week after that. My bottom suddenly flashed with a phantom pain, I touched it subconsciously, and as I did it faded. I looked up to find myself not walking past, but instead being drawn towards the school against my will. As we entered the school I felt a chill pass through my entire body, as I approached the stairs the two ladies in tow behind me I could hear the muffled laughter and chatter of children, I looked at my watch 10:30 pm there won’t be any kids around this late at night, as a matter of fact when did it get so late.  I reached the top of the stairs and rounded the corner the door to the classroom stood open, allowing yellow electric light to pout out into the corridor the noise of children was louder now we approached the room with caution, I peered around into the room, it stood empty, the tables and chairs Barron of any activity, but the noise, the sound of children was coming from the room, i reluctantly walked into the room, shortly followed by Kate and her friend. The noise suddenly stopped, there was no more laughing, but instead a quiet sea of whispering, *click* * scrape* *click* I turned to see a man stood in front of the blackboard, it was the man from my vision, the man wearing a suit, he was drawing symbols on the blackboard, in fact the whole board  was covered in them, these bizarre symbols, and digits, one part of it looked like some kind of bizarre theorem. I stepped towards the teacher, only to hear a scream from behind me, i turned to see, Kate holding her head, a paper ball, resting on the floor, then it started the laughing, and suddenly paper balls, pencils, erasers started flying in all directions,  I grabbed the teacher and tried to drag him towards the door, he wouldn’t move, I put my full force into it and managed to turn him away from the blackboard, I looked into his eyes, but they weren’t steely blue anymore they were white, white and glazed like that of a hard boiled egg.  I stepped back in shock, and held back a small yelp of surprise, the Blonde girl had began to rub off all of the symbols off the board, she turned to me and shouted for me to help her, the bombardment continued until we cleared all of the blackboard of all of these strange marks, the teacher stood motionless now, facing into the room where I had managed to turn him.

I felt the sudden urge to pick up the chalk, I did so gingerly, the two girls watched me as I began to draw a cartoon  depiction of the teacher, mutton chops and all, I drew a speech bubble coming out of his mouth, but wrote no words inside. once I had finished I placed the chalk back onto the shelf under the blackboard. I nodded to Kate, who walked with me back to the teacher, I took one arm and she took the other, this time the teacher moved with ease, we walked him silently out of the room and closed the door behind us as well left, mere seconds after we closed the door, the sound of moving chairs rang out from inside the room, shortly followed by a frantic tapping and scraping, we stood outside the room transfixed on the now closed door. the noise lessened, until it was silent, the brass handle of the door then turned seemingly on its own and creaked open, the murmuring started again in the room, the blonde whispered over my shoulder
“they want you to go back in”
Against my own will my heart in my throat, I walked back into the room, followed again by my two silent companions, the teacher they had left stood outside, the room again stood barren, the whispering constant but not as angry as before, it turned to see the chalkboard was now full of pictures, and scribbles we looked at the seats to hear the kids applauding, suddenly the teacher swept into the room of his own accord his white vacant eyes looked at me, before heading back to the white board, the teacher wiped a section of the pictures off and did one equation and turned his lifeless eyes locked onto mine, he nodded at me, and his face split into an inhuman Cheshire like grin, i felt myself recoil away as it stretched out its arm chalk in hand handing it to me,  I turned to see the two girls also frozen in fear. I looked at the teacher, I could feel the fear in my body making me shake, I took a breath, to see vapour come out of my mouth as if it was suddenly cold in the room, suddenly a strange thought popped into my head, what if I delegate it to someone else? I looked around the room and opened my mouth, to find words coming out, words i felt compelled to say, something I felt compelled to ask

“Tom please come and solve this equation for the teacher” there was a silence, the teacher suddenly stopped smiling, his normal face returned, the chalk lifted out of his hand, and it magically wrote the answer 7 next to the equals sign. The teacher dropped to his knees  a black shadow rose up from him and billowed into the ceiling, he began to scream. The tables and chairs pushed back to the walls of the room in a crash the two girls covered their ears and ran out of the door. I reached out to grab the teacher instinctively I had to pull him out of the room. The they came all at once flashes, sounds, smells… dead things, fire, brimstone, tortured screams and flushes of pain and agony all in quick succession. I felt my fingers grab at his clothing, but there was nothing underneath, just cloth, the flashes stopped and the teacher turned to ash and in my hands was a bundle of fabric, with something small and hard wrapped up in it, I was surrounded by a circle of ash, I removed the cloth wrapping, it was a book…a small red book, with a symbol on, the same book I had seen before when I had my vision earlier that evening, it was then when everything went black… then redness like my eyes were closed but someone was shining a light upon them, I could feel the heat of my eyes burning under my eyelids, I tried to open them but I couldn’t. then I  began to hear some strange music, it sounded distorted, a radio perhaps? then I could hear the gently purr of an engine.. oh no I thought, the vision, I am in the vision.. but I am in the car! I could sense it, something evil was coming, something was stalking me, I could feel its thoughts… kill.. kill it was growing louder, it was catching up I need to go faster, I need to get away my thoughts were screaming, there was a bang and a lurch, I felt my body be thrown to the left as the car span with a screech, I could feel his wife’s fear next to him I heard the blood curdling scream of her fright in my ear, and then I felt the car lurch again, there was the sound of ripping metal, and felt a cold hard grasp around me wrist, then I felt myself being lifted upwards I was being pulled upward by something my wrist hurt as something sharp was digging into me my weight anchoring it further into my wrist.

A loud rasping voice sounded, but not in my ears in my very head, it sneered and laughed at my helplessness, it could taste my fear, I was going to die, and I knew it!

“you saw, I cannot let you see”

something hot, and painful pressed hard against my neck.. I let out a cry… and sat bolt upright awake.. in my bed, covered in a cold sweat..

I have had this dream twice now, and believe me it might not seem very intense through my writing, but it bloody well was! I can only hope that now I have written it down there will be no more repeats of it in future, or if there is that I have the ability to alter the dream so that I have super powers or something!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and it hasn’t creeped you out too much, I wouldn’t mind but I think in the hands of a top wordsmith that could be a pretty good short story, who knows I might come back and flesh it out and of course clean up the English to an acceptable level, but it’s not a bad start right?

If you have had any dreams that you think would make a good story, please feel free to leave a comment below and share it with us! its always good to share inspirations!


Until next time, read more books!

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