6566722Title : Heat Wave
Author: Richard Castle
Page no : 198
Published: July 2009 by Hyperion Harper Collins

I am a big fan of the TV show Castle in which Nathan Fillion plays the part of a Murder Mystery writer, Richard Castle who supports the police in a consultant role, at the same time as using Detective Beckett as his muse to create a series of novels called Nikki Heat. Until recently I thought these only existed within the show, so imagine my surprise when I discovered that you can actually pick up real copies of the books which are “written” under the pseudonym Richard Castle, the same as the show.. naturally I picked one up straight away.

Because the book itself is not very long , I don’t want to give away anymore of the plot then i have too, and i think the best abbreviation of this book, without having too many spoilers is actually the blurb that comes along with it, which is : “NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat feels sparks from ride-along, journalist Jameson Rook. A real estate tycoon plunges to his death. A trophy wife with a past survives a brazen attack. Mobsters and moguls with motives all have alibis. Dirty little secrets of the wealthy hide until Nikki shines a light.”

As for what I think, well It’s not high literature, its definitely easy reading. It takes the same approach to storytelling as the show, so much so I can imagine it being written by Nathan Fillion’s  Richard Castle from the show. It is fluffy and funny, there is a solid mystery element, genuine emotion, and real laugh out loud moment particularly in the dialogue elements.  It’s a good light read, that I would recommend to someone who is just starting out within the genre, it’s a good way to get your feet wet before taking the plunge into something much more heavy.

Until next time, read more books!

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