Hello my fellow bookworms and page turners, did you know that, as ridiculous as it seems there are many writers in the world that don’t like writing all that much.

It’s true! Some find the process tedious, even torturous, and find it difficult to stay focused for the length of time it takes to finish.

Now I wouldn’t at this moment in time call myself a writer however,  I have had to write under extreme circumstances for university and in my working life. And I do have a few idea’s /techniques that keep me going through the hard slog of scribing down what needs to be done. As well as writing, this advice seems to work for most projects I have been a part of.

so here goes nothing…

– Harness Your Fear of Failure. I personally find that fear is one of life’s greatest motivators! if you invest in the idea of doing something, whether it be writing or anything!

Develop the idea that you’re letting yourself down if you don’t finish it. Put pressure on yourself. Use the regret you’ll feel the rest of your life if you don’t accomplish your goal / task.

– Set Deadlines With rewards. – now this doesn’t really work for me.. as I tend to treat myself regardless (I’m terrible) but setting yourself a deadline of say 6000 words in 5 days is a good way to administer progress, and then reward yourself with beer, chocolate or whatever takes your fancy.

 Befriend a person that has already completed the same/ a similar goal. – befriending individuals that have already accomplished the task, i find is great motivation, not only does it create a slight competitive edge, but it also allows you to gain advice and insights into the problems they may have hit while carrying out the task at hand.

 Do a project you love. It is so much easier to do something you love and are invested in then doing the hard slog of something you’re not into. You need to love your work unconditionally if you’re ever going to finish.

This concludes my advice on staying motivated BUT what about you? What motivates you? leave a comment and let us know!

Until next time, read more books!

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