21409944Title: In Search of Gods and Heroes
Author: Sammy HK Smith
No. of Pages: 420
Published: June 14th 2014 by Kristell Ink (grimbold books)

In Search of Gods and Heroes is the first instalment of Smiths ongoing novel series, it starts as a coming of age tale where Chaeli, (the main protagonist) is thrust into a world of deities, demons, fae and magic following the death of her sister by the hands of a sinister demon.

Throughout our story our protagonist learns she is far from the ordinary girls she believed herself to be, she learns that her importance and untold dormant powers could have a great effect on the world around her.  Gods meddle in the lives of the mortals, demons break treaties and humans betray one another, all due to her presence and her underlying powers, but this young woman isn’t alone in her journey she meets many characters along the way, some of which become her companions.

Her companions  include a former Underworld assassin, his healing sister, a guardian of the Eternal Kingdom and his fae sidekick-come-best friend. but what happens? well you will have to read the book to find out for yourself!

The characters in this Novel are what really made it for me, they helped pull me through the story, and I immersed myself in their lives and through them found out what it was like to live in there world, and what significance each character had to the overall plot arch. Clearly inspired by Greek mythology Smith has created characters that would make the Greek storytellers of old blush in comparison. each character had its own varying tastes and demeanour, and she did a brilliant job on building a fast paced and animated world which varied from the blood soaked arenas to the grand historical cities.

The only thing I didn’t really like about this book, is that it does leave a lot of loose ends, some of which I feel need to be explored, and that in the end, there was no decisive clear objective for Chaeli. I understand it’s the beginning of a novel series and not all loose ends will be wrapped up quite so nicely especially if they are going to tie in with the story at a later date.

Overall, The inventive characters and engaging storyline kept me so engrossed I read it very quickly which for me is quite the feat!, I await book two with bated breath, for the cliff-hangers conclusion!

Until next time, read more books

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