Title: Blood Faerie
Author: India Drummond
Number of Pages: 263 (kindle editiion)
Publisher: Trindlemoss Publishing

***Warning Review Contains Spoilers***

Today’s review is for Blood Faerie, written by India Drummond. It’s the first book in the Caledonia Fae Series, which consists of six novels

The story follows our main heroin Eilidth, A faerie that has “dangerous” powers who’s sentenced to death, But escapes the faerie kingdom. She quietly lives in exile among the humans of Perth, Scotland until there’s a murder “at her door step”. Upon a little investigation she comes to the conclusion that the murderer must be one of her own kind! This leaves her in a slight predicament, does she flee, or try and put a stop to the killing and help the humans, who she distrusts and merely tolerates.

In the end her decision is obviously the unselfish one, and she decides to try and put a stop to the killing, while investigating she befriends a Copper called Munro, who turns out to be a dormant druid.  eventually Eilidth puts her faith in Munro, and together they learn to tap into the forbidden magic that cost her everything, as well as unlocking his druid abilities.

Powered, and Clued up the dream team, eventually go up against, the evil fae… but are they victorious? pick up the book to find out.


All in all I liked the story. A exiled fae unknowingly befriends a dormant Druid who happens to be a cop investing some rather gruesome murders. what’s not to love, although there are a few things that irked me, for example the female lead is described in more than one instance and in some detail but the male lead…he could have 3 heads for all I know, the one piece of description I can remember is “tanned skin” and tall, and obviously male.  Another issue I had, was we went from no description of the main character to some of the most eloquent situational descriptions i have read in a fantasy novel.

“This particular evil was fresh, but not quite pure. It mixed with rage but was contained, refined, as though gestated in the belly of an ancient hatred. This evil held promise”

-India Drummond, Blood Faerie

but despite this schizophrenic descriptive extremes, I threw my hands in the air and said, “Bugger it,” and kept reading anyway. Another thing, that bothered me was the non dramatic death scenes, they had no real impact, no emotion. I have felt more compassion for a cat falling into a bath, then some of the deaths in this.

what I do like about this novel, is the storyline, it’s a little predictive in places but over all its a good read, there is a smattering of romance that doesn’t overpower the rest of the story and it doesn’t repeatedly smack you over the head with it. despite the fact i didnt love the characters, i was interested in what was going to happen to them next. Throughout the story you see the doubt they have in themselves turn into a strength they never thought they would posess. This saved the characters for me. . Overall, I have a very strong prejudice against lame teen paranormal stuff, you can thank the Twilight series for that, but that aside, the writing was eloquent and descriptive in parts, the plot was intriguing, and one of the nice things is that the author provides a list of how to pronounce the faerie names, a must have if you wish to really enjoy it. all in all a ok book by my reckoning but still worth the read.

Until next time, read more books….

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