1) The Gentleman Bastard Series  – Scott Lynch

 gentlemanbastardIf I had to pick my all time favourite writer, Scott Lynch may well just be it. The man is a wizard of words and puppetmaster of your emotions. He makes you fall in love with a character and hang on their every word before giving you a metaphorical wink and dropping the character off a cliff, ripping out your heart and stamping on it! I now don’t trust him as several times he has brought me nearly to tears or so angry with the “bad guy” I could have spit blood! This series wowed me and rekindled my love for dark fantasy, although sometimes the emotions it makes me feel are a little scary this series is definitely my no1.

2) Tales of the Ketty Jay – Chris Wooding

Ketty Jay seriesThis absolutely had to go in my Top 10. I didn’t have to think about it, it’s about a small and highly dysfunctional band of layabouts. An inveterate womaniser and rogue, an alcoholic doctor, 2 ace pilots, one a daredevil, the other once a brave hero and now a snivelling coward, a Daemonist, and a Pretty, cat repelling female navi, and a Stoic Mechanic.. not to mention the Airships cat. With their trio of ragged fighter craft, they run contraband, rob airships and generally make a nuisance of themselves that’s right this book, is a steampunk version of Firefly with Airships.. I don’t think I need to say anything else on the matter… why are you still hear! do and read it now!..

3) The Kingler Chronicle – Patrick Rothfuss201202022054-ams111-kingkiller

Another Word Wizard, The man is at heart a true story teller, he is an all-round amazing guy. He is an avid RP player, bard and fighter extraordinaire within Acquisition Incorporated, he has his finger in many a metaphorical pie, plugging books, games and all manner of nerdyness and as well as all this he is an amazing. you can read about me raving about his work here on my previous review of his work.

4) Tales of The Kin – Douglas Hulick


What a rip-roaring, and extraordinary story this is once i finished the first i was reaching for the second instalment, it was very hard for me to put this one down. If. It is untypical Thief novel series following  the “nose” (Kvothe),  through his trials and tribulations of keeping himself alive and to earn a un-honest hawk or two. all I have to ask is, do you like your Fantasy dark, gritty and action packed?’ If the answer if yes to all three – this will no doubt be one of your best reads – buy it, try it.

5) Alex Verus Series – Benedict Jacka

This novel is a great introduction for to the world of urban fantasy series. T he Alex Vjacka_alex_veruserus universe is what I think a real fantasy world would be like. It wouldn’t just be good people that always win. There would be no pure of heart goody-two-shoes who fixes everything. There would be real people making real, often catastrophic, mistakes. The Alex Verus universe accurately depicts the underlying dark element of our world that would and should still exist in an urban fantasy setting. click here for a full review

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