Between The Blurb is a blog dedicated to the promotion of Fantasy, Science fiction, Horror, YA/Children’s Books and other Speculative Fiction through Book Reviews. Through these reviews I hope to open a new window of excitement, enthralment and over all wonder.

 John Samuel Harrison:

So, who am I? well in short, I am a Human male who lives in Horsforth, England.

I am creative, outlandish and somewhat boisterous at times. I am fanatical nut with his sticky fingers in many a fandom, an avid Con goer and a lover of all things Japan, when I am not “nerding it up” I like nothing more then to read written literature in the forms of both Novels, Novela, Poetry & Comics. I am also an avid drawer of many strange objects that may or may not look like stick men doing the funky chicken, and above all else I am a biscuit connoisseur.

I am the original contributor to “between the blurb“. I have read throughout both my childhood and adult life, pretty much from as far back as I can remember. This I believe has helped create what I have been told is quite an active imagination, which I have used to fuel projects of my own throughout my life.

Predominantly I would say I read more of the fantasy genre than any other. I would say this is because fantasy isn’t bound by modern convention, social norms or laws of physics, and therefore the authors imagination is the limit, and that’s the kind of world I would not mind living in.

My favourite Author within the fantasy genre is most definitely this chap right here: 

Patrick Rothfuss

Patrick Rothfuss : The man is an all-round amazing guy. He is an avid RP player, bard and fighter extraordinaire within Acquisition Incorporated, as well as being an amazing writer. Just take a look at what he wrote on Goodreads about the third instalment of his book, which somehow has reviews despite the book not being released yet:

“While it’s nice to see folks out there giving this book five stars, and in some cases even reviewing it, I’ll admit that I’m kinda puzzled. After thinking it over for a while, I’ve realized there’s only one explanation for this:
Time travellers love my books.
This is strangely reassuring, as it lets me know that, eventually, I do finish my revisions, and the book turns out good enough so that I still have a following out there in the big ball of wibbly-wobbly…. timey-wimey…. stuff that I like to think of as the future

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