Title: Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do and What It Says About Us
Author: Tom Vanderbilt
Published: 29/7/2008

Hello my fellow Bookworms and page turners,

It’s a new year, so lets start with something new, and weirdly interesting that’s what I say. A friend of mine was talking about this book late last year it sounded interesting so I thought… why not lets give it a look.

I found that although this is now a decade old, it is still an engaging and enlightening read, and even though i’m not myself a driver, I can see and understand the points and statistics made in this 286 page behemoth of statistics, notes and references. In fact isn’t a page in the book without a reference, a majority coming from national government studies and automobile industry safety reports. Overall, the content is highly-researched, international, and leaves the reader feeling he just read a book sui generis on why we drive the way we do.

It is well-written and is an entertaining look at the psychology of drivers. I would have preferred more about urban streets and cyclists, not only is it a point of contention with most drivers, but more recent developments in road management have changed the way drivers have to be on the road to accommodate the non car commuter.

I found this book, overall, interesting and informative. Certain facts were downright counter-intuitive. But if your a petrol head, or genuinely interested in these kinds of statistics it definitely holds up, we just need a newer edition with some up to dates stats!

Until next time, read more books!

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