Hello there my fellow bookworms,

It’s been a while, a lot has happened since October last year alone! never mind the rest of last year!

2020 was one of the worse years of my life, as I am sure it was for many of you out there. I lost my fulltime job of 5 years, had a mini mental breakdown, re arranged my wedding three times, and a lost family member all around the same time.

2021 in contrast, minus the whole there is still a terrible world wide pandemic thing, a heck of a lot better! I got a new job, I got married (FINALLY!), We got the house in a somewhat liveable state, although there is still a fair bit to do, but at least we not have functional rooms floors and heating! We even managed a cheeky Mini-moon to York, and as an additional bonus I managed to get to Slam Dunk and listen to some live music!

So it appears for the time being were on the up and up, and I am hoping 2022 will bring much of the same as 2021, if not better!

In book news, I managed to hit my goal of 100 books in a year, although I drastically failed at getting the reviews written with all of the other stuff that was going on, this year I am looking for a new reading challenge, and I am open for suggestions if you have any.

in regards to posts, there are some coming don’t panic ( not that you are) but they will be a lot more sparse than they were previously but that just means there will be a lot more love put into them moving forward.

Word of the week will return on Friday, but we will see how we get on after that!

Until next time, read more books…

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