Title: The Inspector and Mrs. Jeffries
Author: Emily Brightwell
Published: 1st Feb 1993

Hello my fellow Bookworms and page turners,

Recently Kayla and I have been on a bit of a detective show kick, so I thought this may sate my appitite for a while. The inspector and Mrs Jeffries is the first of a series of a Victorian Murder Mystery series by Emily Brightwell. Inspector Gerald Witherspoon is relatively new to the Scotland Yard. With a few successful cases under his belt, he feels like he’s up to the task of solving the murder of Dr Slocum. The only issue is the bumbling Inspector is somewhat out of his depthbut dont worry his charming housekeeper who is better at detecting than her employer, is on the case.

The inspector as I said is a little bumbling but not idiotic and he is kind to his staff. That’s why, even though he is not very good at his job, all his servants are glad to help Mrs. Jeffries solve a muder for him without his knowledge.
However, while I enjoyed the concept and the charm, I didn’t find any of the characters to have much depth. Another bummer was that I found the premise of the characters helping the inspector solve the mystery without his knowledge *did* make for some implausible situations which were a bit eye roll-inducing as well as a tendency for the same information about the murder to be conveyed in the story twice, once as Mrs Jeffries and her gang find it, and then again as the inspector realizes it with Mrs Jeffries’ help.

I think this has potential to be more interesting as the series goes on, especially with the direction it seemed to be going in the last chapter, but I’m still not quite sure whether I’m interested enough to try the next book.

Until next time, read more books!

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