Title: Kill Creek
Author: Scott Thomas
Published: 31/10/2017

Hello my fellow Bookworms and page turners,

As it’s the Spookiest time of the year, I thought I would have a crack at something a little scary. I originially thought of doing something classic, like Bram Stockers Dracula, or Mary Shelly’s Frankenstien, but decided these classics have been done to death, so I went a little more recent, and picked up Kill Creek.

Kill Creek falls firmly into the classic spending the night in a haunted house and survive trope. However it certainly pulls it into the 21st century. Justin Wainwright, a young internet tycoon who runs his own podcast show called WrightWire, reaches out to four well known horror authors and offers them the opportunity to do an interview in the famous haunted Finch House on Halloween and to stay overnight.

Although the authors are hesitant, they are eventually cohersed by Wainwright to attend the interview and make their way to the Finch house. Upon their arrival to the house, everything seems normal, if not quite welcoming, but the longer they are there things begin to go bump in the night.

Whispers, drafts, apparitions, along with a mysterious bricked up third floor landing, keep the authors scratching their heads, and on their toes. Slowly the house begins to come alive to the point that the authors begin to regret accepting thier enticing invitation.

But, what happens to the authors while they stay in the house? Why is the house haunted? What is the mystery of the brick wall? What happens to the authors once they leave the house? You will just have to read the book!

In a nutshell, The characters were great, as they differ from the normal tropes in this type of novel. The book is paced well, and is well written. I can see why this book isn’t for everyone, especially as the ladies tend to be somewhat objectified by the author. But non the less it gets a thumbs up from me. For a last minute choice in October around Halloween you can’t really go wrong!

Until next time, read more books!

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