Title: Hallowe’en Party
Author: Agatha Christie
Published: September 3rd 2001

Hello my fellow bookish Ghouls and Gals!

As it is the season, we are carrying on with our Halloween themed book reviews, this time it’s a classic who’ dun it with a Halloween theme. Hallowe’en Party may have been first published in November 1969, but does it still hold up today? Lets have a look and see shall we…

Our story begins at a Hallowe’en party held at Rowena Drake’s home in Woodleigh Common. Thirteen-year-old Joyce Reynolds tells all those in attendance she had once seen a murder, but had not realised it was one until sometime later. Those attending dismiss Joyces claim as pure fantasy, leaving the young woman upset by her audiences disbelief, she quickly takes her leave from the party. However, when the party ends, Joyce is found dead, having been drowned in an apple-bobbing tub. Ariadne Oliver, famous mystery writer who just happens to be friends with none other than Mr. Hercule Poirot, was attending the party.. Thus Ariadne calls the mustachio’d crime solver, who equipped with his little grey-cells, investigates the murder along with Joyce’s previous witness account.

From here on in, our dutiful detective picks apart the now entangled web of this haunting mystery, and it appears the town doesn’t appear as idyllic as most think, as Poirot finds there have been other murders too.

Now I have to come clean, I didnt actually read this one, I listened to the audio book version whilst I was commuting to and from work, but non the less it was a compelling story, I was somewhat disapointed though as I pinpointed the bad guy pretty early on. Now I’m not sure if this was dumb luck or my obvious superior intelect, but regardless of the reason I enjoyed this slightly seasonal read, and implore any murder mystery fan to give it a go, I mean it’s an Agatha Christie, it was never going to be that bad was it!?

Until next time, read more books!

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