Title: Differently Morphous
Author: Yahtzee Croshaw
Published: 6th March 2018

Hello my fellow Bookworms and page turners.

Yet again I find myself burried in another book by Croshaw, and this time its a little different from Jam and the adventures of Jacques McKeown.

Differently Morphous is both a parody of both the magic school & magical murder mystery trope, as well as our modern day life. This includes specific commentary on race, political correctness, bureaucracy, as well as some on youth, social media and gaming. Definitley not one for those whom are easily triggered or have had their funny bone removed.

As per usual with Croshaw’s work the foundations of the story itself are solid. The world is well built, well thought out, and there is no horrendous info dumping that boggles the reader. The story starts strong, but slows down in the middle before ramping up into the finale. There are some pacing issues, but nothing so terrible that it ruins the reader experience. Overall it’s a mish-mash parody of Harry Potter, and the Laundry Files with a little Terry Pratchet like flare, and Lovecraftian elements sprinkled in to boot. The humour is incredibly dry and sarcastic, not to mention very topical with how the world is today, which is pretty much par for the course if you look at Croshaw’s past works.

The day to day workings and the politics is fun and it’s also paired along with an interesting murder mystery. The dialogue is snappy, the characters are complex and sympathetic, the situations unpredictable, but not too outlandish.

All in all another great addition to anyones comedic fantasy collection. Not his best work in my opinion, but its a very close second to the master piece that is Will Save the Galaxy for Food.

Until next time, read more books!

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