Hello my fellow Bookworms and page turners,

Title: Artificial Condition (The Murderbot Diaries #2)
Author: Martha Wells
Published: 08/05/2018
Previous Novella/Book: All Systems Red

I couldnt hold back, I had to pick up the second one straight away! and I still love our Space Opera loving Murderbot MC, but is the second installment as good as the first?

Murderbot is now free of its corporation and trying to blend in as an augmented human, though the idea of being human vaguely sickens it. It wants to know if it chose to massacre all those miners four years ago or if it was the result of a malfunction, so it hitches a ride to the colony aboard a university research vessel carrying cargo in its down time. Murderbot starts a friendship with a Research Transport (ART [ you can guess what the A stands for]). the Relationship gets off to a rocky start, but they soon bond over their shared love of media and cook up a plan to investigate the massacre and, maybe, help some humans along the way.

I loved to read how Murderbot continues to grow and develop as a character, and as it came to terms with its freedom and the topic of choice. I equally loved both Murderbot and ART and I think they make such a good team, and the characters play off each other really well. I really enjoyed their sense of humor, interactions, banter and personalities in genral. I think the author gave them the perfect amount of humanity so that they are relatable but are still socially awkward, know it all’s and sarcastic enough that I found them hilarious.

My only gripe, that its another Novella so as soon as I started I had finished! But there are three more novellas and two full novels left in the series at my time of writing this… so no guesses are needed to know what i am doing next!

Until next time, read more books!

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