Title: Ramble Book
Author: Adam Buxton
Published: Sept 3rd 2020

Hello my fellow Bookworms and page turners,

Now I have been a fan of Buckles for quite some time, I used to love listening to the Adam & Joe Podcast, and now the Adam Buxton Podcast. Nearly everything Adam touches turns to comedy gold, even the little his appearances in the Crystal Maze remake were good.

I am happy to report, that Ramble book is no different. If you’re a fan of Adam Buxton’s previous works then this is the book / audiobook (they are both exceedingly good) are something you need in your life.

The premise of Ramble Book is centred around the death of Adam’s father and the relationship they had during his childhood and later when his father became ill and had move into Adam’s adult family home. Although this is a some what morbid subject the subect is depicted in a typical Buckles manner making it both funny, sad, and a little bit weird, it’s brilliant.

A good chunk of Adams musings heavily feature his teenage exploits along with his two school best friends, Louis Theroux and Joe Cornish (what a trio). Not to mention their breaks into the world of television, laying down the truth behind the “glitz and glammer” with an ample amount of gossip and funny and bizarre stories that may or may not involve ‘Mary Jane’.

Now most of us fans of Buckles know that he idolises the late musical legend, David Bowie. However, despite an amusing rendition of Adam’s one encounter with Bowie, and some genuinely interesting personal analyses of Bowie’s output, and tales of younger years dazzled by Ziggy and the Spiders the book is surprisingly Bowie light. Which surprised me as in the later chapters, Adam devotes a decent chunk of the pagecount to his thoughts on other bands, which I found intersting but most unexpected.

in short this is a very enjoyable book, with fun anecdotes, characteristic Adam Buxton humour and a fair few deeply honest moments. I feel like if you are interested in 80/90’s film, music and culture you will get alot more out of the book. There are also a number extra rambling and some particularly spectacular jingles in the audiobook, which is basically a 10 hour version of one of Adams beloved Podcasts.

Until next time, read more books!

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