Title: Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder
Author: T.A Willberg
Published: 29th Dec 2020
Pages: 336

Hello my fellow Bookworms and page turners,

Ah, were back in my comfortzone, Fantasy, Steampunk with a bit of murder thrown in for good measure. Marion Lane and the midnight murder is set in 1950s London, it’s a secret society of investigators complete with underground tunnels and ingenious gadgets that give them a jump on the police.

The story follows our main protagonist, 23 year old Marion, who lives with her abrasive grandmother in the city of London. She is invited to apply for a job at a small bookstore, but upon arrival there It turns out that this is a cover for a group called the Inquirers, whom are mysterious detectives who operate beneath the city of London.

As Marion comes to terms with her new duties and position within this underground faction, her friend is wrongly arrested for murder, Marion is determined to find the answers, and will stop at nothing to find them, even if it means she will lose her job and possibly even her life.

There is alot going one in this story, and Willbrerg does a great job of managing it all, whilst keeping up the pace. The only downfall I can see in this is that some of the character are a little samey at times, but as this is the first in a series of novels, so I dare say that the individual characters idiosyncrasies can be ironed out in the later issue.

All in all, If I was to sum this one up in a sentence I would say. Marion Lane and the midnight murder is a Steampunk Harry Potter meets James Bond like story with murder, underground labyrinths, cool gadgets, and alchemical secrets. So if that sentence doesnt float your boat this is not a book for you.

Until next time, read more books!

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