Title: The Ember Blade
Author: Chris Wooding
Published: May 2019
No of Pages: 824

Greetings fellow bookworms and page turners,

I find myself yet again falling into the warm embrase of Woodings words, this time on a whole new adventure ‘The Dark Water Legacy’, but will it be as good as the Ketty Jay Series? only time will tell! But whats book one,The Ember Blade like? Well lets take a look shall we!

As I am sure you are all aware by now, I read a lot of fantasy, though I’ve never read a fantasy book like this one, It’s a triumph of writing, and I dare say one of the best in the genre for a very long time. It masterfully portrays old and new tropes and feeds them to you in an originaly and incredibly addictive manner.

Make sure you buckle in for this one as the plot picks up really fast! Arens watches his father being murdered in their dining room, this brutal murder was the result of a seriesof false charges of treason, this left the son bewildered as to why, and how his father the perfect servent to the Krodan empire could possibly have been thought to have commited such a crime, let alone convicted seemingly without trial and executed. He is then taken away to a prison mine with his best friend, Cade, it is at this time that he realizes how messed up the world really is, and he begins to hatch a plan with Cade in order to escape their prison.

Aren has spent his entire life believing the dogma the Krodan empire has fed him, and now he sees the reality of empire. The Empire is evil. The Empire is dominating and destructive. And it echoes the real world.

You can draw direct real world comparisons to how the Krodan empire functions, death camps, strict legal processes, restrictions on arts and the general lives of the populus, it all feels a little Nazi Germany when you sit and think about it to long.

The Ember Blade itself is somewhat of a cliche it is a legendary weapon that can unite the fractured lands behind its bearer. It’s protected by Armies and dreadknights (evil warrior mages.) After our likely friends escape their bonds they set out on a journey acquiring a number of random companions. These companions include, a druid, a minstrel (Bard), a thief, a knight and several freedom fighters( Basically your typical D&D company). Each come with their own special sets of skill and abilities, and each is needed to reach the blade and pull off such a large scale heist.

I must remind you though that this is a Wooding novel therefore have a box of tissues ready as he shows no remorse and will more then likley make your favourite character make an untimely and often extremely dark exit from the story. In short this did not disapoint, it is a rather grand first instalment in a trilogy that could be one of the best epic fantasys I have ever read!

Until next time, read more books!

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