Title: Gargoyle Quest
Author: William Massa
Number of Pages: 200
Published:  July 2016

Hello my fellow Bookworms and Page Turners,

Woweee, now this one was a bit of a blast from the past, I first read book one of this series Gargoyle Knight way back in 2015, and If I remember correctly, I enjoyed the book due to the powerful hit of nostalgia I got when I read the book as it reminded me of Gargoyles the animated Cartoon.

The other day I was talking to the Fiancee about TV shows that I used to enjoy as a young teen, and I of course brought up Disneys Gargoyles, which inturn reminded me of this book, and I wondered if Massa had ever written a sequal, and low and behold he has!

‘Gargoyle Quest’ continues six months after the conclusion of the first book. Our main protagonist (King Artan), now human again centuries of being frozen in stone, struggles to adapt to modern society. Our main character finds himself wondering what the point of it all is. That is, until he comes across an Order of monster hunters, who are trying to stop a mysterious warlock from amassing power from three Grimoires. Artan chooses to aid the order and quickly finds himself embroiled in the Warlocks plans, this then leads Artan to again sacrifice his humanity in order to become a ‘Gargoyle Knight’ to free ‘Rhianna Sharpe’ the young archaeologist whom he’s come to love from the warlocks evil clutches.

Not to go to much more into the plot, as I dont want to spoil it for thse that want to read it, ‘Gargoyle Quest’ is alot better than the first book in its series, there is alot more at stake, and there is alot going on, but the story is interesting and well paced ( But still reminicent of Gargoyles the animated series).

Massa has a fluid writing style that makes for very easy reading, and he manages to hold just enough back to keep the reader interested. Having read the first book, I did wonder how Massa would bring Artan back into the fray, and I was pleased with the way he did, it made made sense thematically, and blended in very well with the overall plot. Massa also showed some great character growth through our main protagonist by allowing the reader to associate with hispain and seclusion and travel with the character as he found his place.

Overall, it’s another good easy reading story. The characters are likeable and grow throughout, its well written and manages to keep the reader guessing. You can pick up a copy of the book here, and if you do let me know what you think in the comments below

Until next time, read more books!….

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