Hello my fellow bookworms and page turners,

I thought I would take quick break from the books today and talk about my other hobbies. However, when I started listing them, I came to the sudden realization that I must have a subconcious a thing for the letter B.

Beer Drinking:

With me losing my job, and having an abundance of time on my hands following the lockdown this year, my father, uncle and I put our heads together and decided to begin a beer blog called the Eternal Hoptimists, in which we review beers near and far, and interview brewers around our local area. If you are interested please feel free to check this out.

Bread Making:

Following the watching of copius amounts of television, for the same reason as starting the beer blog, my Fiancee and I rewatched and watched the newest season of “The Great British Bake Off”

This then lead to me saying “I can do that” and my Fiancee saying “proove it” (I laughed, still not convinced she meant it though.”

The next day, I baked my first ever loaf of bread, a “Panis Quadratis” which is a bread from Ancient Pompei, unfortunately my first attempt although it looked pretty good, tasted like it was baked in ancient Pompei, which was not the aim of the game.

However since then I have perfected the folowing bakes: Shortbread, Scones, Zimfsterne , Chocolate Chip Loaf, and Nutella Babka.

So all in all not a complete waste of time, next on the agenda is a Swiss Roll, and Baklava


For a number of years now I have been playing boardgames on a monday eve with a bunch of like minded souls in a little 4 man boardgame group. We call ourselves The Northern Meeples and have started a blog covering the games that we have played over the years, we also have a Instagram account, and can often be found flittering about on twitter @tnorthernmeeple

We are hoping to go to a number of conventions in 2021 providing of course that they are still going ahead given the Pandemic.

What are your non bookish hobbies, id love to hear about them, let me know in the comments section.

“Until the next time, Read more books!”

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