I just had a look around on the WordPress reader where I stumbled across this short but powerful post called ‘Bookshop Floor’ by Berkley Rothwell.

This post got me thinking about a similar experience I had back in January this year, and given that tonight is the night for Guy Fawkes related stories I thought I would share this with you.

Back in January, I traveled to Knaresborough in England as part of an Ale train, and we visited the well known public house called Mother Shipton Inn. Which other than being your typical old school pub with exceptional beer, it is also well known for being haunted and having a very interesting table within its establishment.

This table is the table of Guy Fawkes, yes that Fawkes the infamous wannabe king killer and revolutionary. Now, me being the ignoramus I am, was blissfully unaware that the table existed and only found out about it once I was sat at it with a pint in hand!

Let me tell you the experience was incredibly humbling, I sat there and passed my hand across its surface and thought 415 years, how many people have sat here and drunk, reveled, loved, lost, and of course, schemed! Wouldn’t it be amazing if this table could talk? The stories and tales it could tell. and was the plot actually discussed at this very table? talk about some living history!

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