Title: The Rules of Enchantment
Author: Wendy Tardieu
Published: TCK Publishing 2nd Aug 2020
No of Pages: 176

Hello my fellow page turners and wordsmiths,

Today I’m stepping out of my usual box, to read The Rules of Enchantment by Wendy Tardieu. Now this isn’t the first time reading an erotic fantasy. However, I usually shy away from them as I usually do most of my reading on my commute to work, and let’s be honest they can often make the bus ride a little awkward. Never-the-less when I was approached and asked to review the book I was happy to give it a go and pass my judgement!

The Rules of Enchantment, takes place in a world where people gifted in magic can go to special academies to hone their craft. Within this there are 3 schools of magic that are split into orders, Shadows, Light and Sight, which by name are pretty self explanatory. The world building as a whole isn’t bad but it is a little light on some of the details that I usually obsess over when reading a fantasy novel, for example there is little explanation to how the magic mechanics works in this world, we are told that lust inhibits magic, but I don’t really get why? However, the author does a fantastic job of accurately depicting the political nature of the world, which justifies and explains a lot of the actions taken by our main characters.

Speaking of main characters, our story revolves around the characters of Kyler and Leith. Kyler, a young female scholar is summoned by the higher-ups and is given the opportunity to train as an apprentice sorceress under the sorcerer Leith. There is of course an ulterior motive to the higher-ups actions as they are hoping to use the young beautiful scholar as a pawn to spy on Leith, and possibly stunt his magical ascension with her womanly whiles, as Love / Lust inhibits magic and will stop him from becoming even more powerful. 

Leith being the bad boy he is, is been planning to obtain a magical gauntlet that controls the dead that was created by a sorcerer called Malantheus who rebelled against the kingdoms of the world in order to release the restraints that have put onto magic. Obtaining this artefact, will make him the most powerful sorcerer in the world, but will the higher-ups honey trap foil his plans? well you will have to read the books yourself in order to find out.

But I know what you’re thinking. Sam, where’s the eroticism in the story, you’ve not talked about the kinky bits! Well, to be honest this is far, far tamer than I was expecting, and I don’t think you would have any issues reading this one on the bus. There is only one full sex scene, and a couple of other kinky bits, there isn’t much in regards to a building sexual tension either, as the acts seem more opportunistic on Leiths part, but not so much in a super creepy twilight/uprooted way which is certainly a good thing!

As a whole the story was interesting, and I enjoyed reading it. I do feel its so far wrongly marketed as an erotic fantasy, as no legs were crossed whilst reading this one, but I look forward to seeing what happens in the story moving forward!

But don’t take my word for it, get a copy of the book yourself here

Until next time, read more books!

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