Hello my fellow wordsmiths and page turners,

Today we are going to be looking at my top 5 Bookish Products. From chairs to pillows we will be looking at what I consider the both ingenious and interesting of book paraphernalia that’s available out there and makes us shout “shut up, and take my money” 

5, Olde Book Pillow Classics, $12 (£9.17), ThinkGeek/ Amazon

Do you like to snuggle down with a book in bed? of course you do!  

Sometimes it’s hard to read more than a few pages or even words before you’re asleep with your face messing up the pages. But never fear the ingenious inventors of the book pillow have solved all that. With this product you can read your favorite page of a classic book every night, and then fall asleep onto this super-comfy cushion.


4, Prism Glasses, $17.95 (£13.71), Amazon

Another ingenious invention, with these stylish ocular appendages you can read in bed without even having to lift your head or raise your arms. 


3, Library Embosser, $26 (£19.86), Horchow

Fed up of losing your books only to find them on someone else’s bookshelf months later? Well now you can expertly mark your territory with this super-classy library embosser which will make it clear exactly who is the rightful owner.


2, The Wisdom Tree by Booknature, $69 (£52.71)

It is been over 5 years since BOOOKNITURE released their signature product. They have now ‘branched’ out and have created The WISDOM TREE lets you continue your reading instantly, the front layout let you have a good preview of your reading progress.


1, Bookniture, $86 -$98 (£65.70 – £74.87)

Its been over 5 years since I backed the first Kickstarter for Bookniture, and the product is still in pristine condition despite being used considerable. If you live in a small space and there’s not much room for extra furniture, this innovative space saving product for you. After you’ve finished sitting on it, you just fold it up and tuck it away on your bookshelf. Yep, this is a book that unfolds into a chair — and it’s absolutely magical.

What is your favourite Bookish product? is it one of the ones i mentioned above or something entirely different? leave me a comment and let me know!

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