Words are the magical spells of reality, they can hurt, they can heal, they can express and the most certainly can feel. they can rhyme, sing, jump and dance, they can create characters good and evil, whole new worlds, even galaxies. Words have a voice, and if you listen closely you can hear them. But some words have fallen into disrepute and are fading fast, this weekly post, is to give them a voice so that they can’t slip between the pages of time, and out of well existence really.

here we have our Word Of The Week : Cabochon

noun, plural cab·o·chons  [kabuh-shonz; French ka-baw-shawn].

Definition: a precious stone of convex hemispherical or oval form, polished but not cut into facets. an ornamental motif resembling this, either concave or convex and often surrounded by ornately carved leaf patterns, used on furniture of the 18th century.

go forth my dear fellows and weave words as you will, for good or for ill, the choice is yours, let their voices sound, loud and proud above the mighty din of “innit” and “Reem”.———————————————————————————————————————————————————–

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