***Warning Review Contains Spoilers***

Veiled is the sixth instalment in an Urban Fantasy series about a mage named Alex Verus.

This entire series thus far has not let me down. Each instalment has been a whirlwind of magic and adventure, intrigue, politics and more often then not revenge.

Veiled, is no different, it delivered on all of the aspects above, however this time with a slight twist. As fans of the series know Verus is usually quite the lone wolf in that he often operates alone, or with a few friends who act as support. In this instalment Alex Verus reluctantly decided to join the Keepers as an auxiliary, which was motivated by his encounter with his old master in the previous book. which means in part veiled reads a little like a buddy-cop story, except with magic, which for me just made the story even more enjoyable!

I really enjoyed seeing Alex and Caldera work together and develop a tenuous partnership based on trust and respect. The political machinations as usual within the constructs of Jacka’s Wizard society, can be somewhat confusing, especially when it came to the explanations of all the individual factions within the council. But this did add more depth to the amount of trouble our danger magnet of a protagonist yet again seems to find himself in.

Like all those before this instalment Veiled is a fast paced and packed full with action, Jacka’s interesting magic combat system never fails to disappoint especially with the amount of choice open for options given our main characters power. I feel reading this recent instalment compared to the first book Fated (which is also a great read) that Benedict Jacka has become a more confident writer over the years, he (or his editor) know both his weak and strong points, and this novel is based on later. For once, the intrigue wasn’t as obvious as in previous books, and politics were fleshed out more, and thus became more interesting.

I would’ve liked the author spending more time on Caldera, I feel her character is somewhat understated, but perhaps that’s part of the master plan of things to come I cant wait to see what comes next. After this solid edition I really cant wait for the next instalment which is currently on delivery to my house as I type!

Until Next Time, Read More Books !!

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