Hello my fellow Bookworms and Page turners, Earlier this Year I entered a writing competition in order to have a children’s toads-revisited-bookletshort story published in an anthology to which was part of Toads Revisited, an event to commemorate the work of,  the revered Local Hull/Beverley Wordsmith, Philip Larkin. Unfortunately I didn’t make the cut, and as it was my first ever attempt at something like this I cant say I am surprised however I gave it a shot and held nothing back, hopefully next time I will have a little more luck and gusto. –  The Anthology has now been compiled and published by Wrecking Ball Press and illustrated by local artist Alice Beasley. and to be fair its quite the spiffy little anthology.

But not to let my “efforts” go to waste I thought I would post my short story on here for you to peruse, hopefully enjoy and pick apart if needed (to be fair it probably needs a lot of picking apart) so without any further ado lets get it copy and pasted eh: (please remember this story was based upon a pre-existing Toad that has been designed, made, painted and placed around the city of hull the Toad I selected was ‘Space-Hopper Toad’)

Space Hopper the Foolish Astronaut

Space Hopper, was leaving the space station to collect some moon rock for the science frogs.
He decided to down into the crater to get some better samples, there were always better samples in the crater
“Space Hopper”.. Ground control frog called on the Radio
“yes?” Space Hopper Replied
“If you are going down into the crater, make sure you take your safety rope with you, we don’t want you getting stuck in any holes” ground control frog said.

Space Hopper nodded his head, but thought. I’m the best jumper in all of the moon, I don’t need the safety rope,  I can easily jump out of any silly little hole.

So Space Hopper went down into the crater, without his safety rope. He radioed in to say he would be back soon. When Space Hopper reached the bottom of the crater, he found a wall of sparkling moon rock. He took out his special moon rock hammer and with a tap tap tap, he hammered the side of the crater and a shiny moon rock fell into his hand..

he looked up happy and smug, he knew he wouldn’t that rope, as if he would be silly enough to get stuck in a hole. Then suddenly the ground began to shake. The crater had become unstable due to many  moon rocks being taken, a hole opened up beneath him.

“oh no!” Space Hopper shouted as he fell into the hole, right onto his bottom.
The ground stopped shaking, and now he was sat on the floor of the hole, looking up at the twinkling stars in the space, wow he thought that’s very pretty, and this hole is pretty deep too.

there is only one thing for him to do now, Space Hopper got up ,and jumped and jumped and jumped some more, but it was too deep, he couldn’t get out.

He got all upset and angry, he couldn’t jump out, if only he had brought the rope, now what will he do.

looks like he will have to get out another way to get out.. Ah ha! the jet pack he suddenly thought, that will get him out for sure. He pushed the switch at his side, and off he went with a roaring whoosh. He whizzed and whirled and loop de loop, out of the crater, He soared over the deep ravines, and mountains of the moon, towards his home the space station, but he wasn’t stopping any time soon.
“Oh no I can’t stop!” he cried
and he flew into the space station with a almighty bump and a crash
“Ouch!” he cried as he rubbed his head
now he has learnt his lesson, next time he will make sure to take the safety rope instead, but for now he has had enough, now he is off to bed.

Please let me know what you think of my short in the comments, ive never written anything for children before any help/direction in the matter would be greatly appreciated.

Until next time, read more books…

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