Now then, now then my fellow bookworms and page turners. I’m back! I do apologise for the slightly expanded hiatus. Things have been somewhat manic of late, what with moving to a different city, new job and sort of a place of my own and of course with all drama that comes along with it. I am afraid there has not been much time for blogging, actually that’s a bit of a fib.. as I have been spending my time settling in and networking, not to mention finding the best local watering hole, but the settling is just about complete and the results are in (it’s the Fox & Hound). So now when I’m not working, drinking or sleeping, as sleeping is  for the dead after all. I can begin to blog again! – luckily my reading habits have not changed since the move so there is quite the backlog going on at the moment, I hope you are looking forward to it, I have to admit I like a challenge and this massive backlog of stuff idea’s and project.. I think that suffices to quite the challenge indeed.. let’s hope they all come out in coherent English but only time will tell and I hope you will all click my blog entries to find out!

Until next time, read more books..

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