16276251Title: An Airship Named Desire
Author: Katherine McIntyre
No of Pages: 246
Published:October 18th 2012 by Hazardous Press

An Airship Named Desire is a rip-roaring action packed steampunk adventure set in an alternate future in the year 2030 after the end of The Great European War. The Story follows the ships First Mate, Bea  and her crew of smugglers.

One day while out on a run of the mill smuggling job, Bea and her crewmate Jensen take a box from a British trading ship. They don’t know what is in the box, but they are getting paid a lot of money to steal it for someone. But they don’t know that their lives are even more at stake when the box is protected by the military. Now they are on the run,  and being pursued for this singular mysterious box.

This novel, was a bit of a miss for me I am a big fan of steampunk and the fantasy genre and despite this, I found the story didn’t reach its overall potential, it didn’t quite satisfy my taste. The story itself despite being as action packed as it was, it tended toward simplistic solutions to problems. For example, the time the crew managed to guess the three-digit combination to a box they knew nothing about, now this I wouldn’t usually argue with if they had tried a few before getting it correct, but they got it right first time.

Another issue I had with the plot was the style of writing that everyone seemed to be in one place, waiting in the wings as it where, to essentially roll initiative like in a DnD campaign.. oh you want to find the bad guy, he’s in a room in the tavern, second door on the left.. don’t bother knocking he is expecting you. There were also some other writing hiccups too.

On the plus side, I really liked the characters, and the overall plot was robust and interesting. However as I stated earlier, sometimes things worked out a little too easily, but it was a fun read.  If you like easy reading, engaging, swashbuckling  Steampunk adventure (to be fair don’t we all?) it’s a guaranteed like. If you’re looking for a story with twists turns and hair raising moments, that make you grip the pages till your knuckles go white, this may be slightly disappointing for you.

Until next time, read more books!

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