12799420Title: Prudence
Author : Gail Carriger
Number of Pages: 359
Published: March 17th 2015 by Orbit

Prudence is the first book in Carrigers newest series the Custard Protocol series which is a spin off from her previous & marvellously fun Parasol Protectorate series.

The story takes place roughly twenty years after the Parasol Protectorate series, and has the daughter of Lord and Lady Maccon, Prudence, at its helm.

Prudence Alessandra Maccon Akeldama or Rue as she likes to be called is in some ways like her mother, though she is snarkier, feistier, and more reckless. This is demonstrated when Rue is given an unexpected gift, a dirigible, she names it the Spotted custard and sets out to India in pursuit of  the perfect cup of tea. However on the way she unexpectedly stumbles upon a scheme involving dissidents, a kidnapped brigadier’s wife, and some awfully familiar Scottish werewolves. With this plot, and Carriger writing ability sets the scene for an entertaining and interesting romp of a book.

The world that Carriger has created is Colourful, filled with ingenious inventions and a wonderful blend of Steampunk and paranormal, with its own take on Victorian fashion and etiquette. There were a few elements that made me lean away slightly as they were somewhat jarring but these elements where very few and far between. I particularly liked getting to experience the world as a variety of supernaturals thanks to Rue’s metanatural abilities, some familiar and some new.

In regards to the characters, Rue and her friends are technically adults, and yet they are still young and naive enough to lead us into comical situations for the enjoyment of the reader. In particular the amusement at the rude noises the Dirigible makes, and there general attitude to certain situations. The story largely revolves around the friendship between the main two female protagonists Rue and Prim is a very well balanced one, each of them supporting each other’s flaws, and enjoying their grand adventure. Throughout the story you gain an appreciation for their friendship this provides a somewhat unique way of creating strong supporting characters, using this method helps make them as poignant as the main protagonist.

I’ve enjoyed all of Carriger’s books thus far. The adult aspect of the Parasol Protectorate and more of the slap dash crazy adventure from The Finishing School books. I of course recommend all of the books because they were all great, and the Custard Protocol is no different!

Until next time, read more books!

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