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Hello again my fellow bookworms, and page turners! It is time for another instalment of what is on my bookcase, and have I got an awesome set of 5 books for you today!

#11 The Shattered World by Michael Reaves

3008513Number of Pages : 413
Published: Published 1984 by Futura

A millennium ago the Necromancer unleashed cataclysm upon the world. Shattered into a thousand pieces, the fragmented planet is held together by the great spells of the ancient sorcerers. But in a thousand years even spells grow old..

Beorn, a shape changer who is half man half bear, has fallen into the sinister clutches of Ardatha the sorceress, whose mission requires his skills as a master thief. Her goal: to make Earth whole again. And she will stop at nothing – even the resurrection of the necromancer- to fulfil her destiny..(Blurb)

#12 Darkest Hour by Mark Chadbourn

Number of Pages : 4801436397
Published: September 13th 2001 by Gollancz

The Eternal Conflict between the Light and the Dark once again blackens the skies and blights the land. On one side: the Tuatha De Danaan, golden-skinned and beautiful, filled with the might of the angels. On the other: the Fomorii, monstrous devils hellbent on destroying all human existence. In the middle: five Brothers and Sisters of Dragons, determined to use the strange power that binds them to the land in a last, desperate attempt to save the human race.(source)

1139452#13 Darkmans by Nicola Barker

Number of Pages : 838
Published:  May 1st 2007 by Fourth Estate (GB)

If history is just a sick joke, then who exactly is telling it and why? Could it be John Scogin, Edward IV’s court jester, whose favourite pastime was to burn people alive? Or is it Andrew Boarde, Henry VIII’s physician, who kindly wrote Scogin’s biography? This is a modern tale about two familiar subjects – love and jealousy. (source)

#14  Isle Witch (The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara #1) by Terry Brooks

Number of Pages : 45615560
Published: Published August 2001 by Del Rey

When a half-drowned elf is found floating in the seas of the Blue Divide, an old mystery resurfaces. Thirty years ago, an elven prince led an expedition in search of a legendary magic said to be more powerful than any in the world. Of all those who set out on that ill-fated voyage, not one has ever returned. Until now. The rescued elf carries a map covered with mysterious symbols–and Walker Boh, the last of the Druids, has the skill to decipher them. But someone else understands the map’s significance: the Ilse Witch, a ruthless young woman who wields a magic as potent as his own. She will stop at nothing to possess the map–and the magic it leads to.(source)

#15 Fantast Freaks and Gaming Geeks by Ethan Gilsdorf

6559188Number of Pages : 336
Published: September 1st 2009 by Lyons Press

What could one man find if he embarked on a journey through fantasy world after fantasy world?

In an enthralling blend of travelogue, pop culture analysis, and memoir, forty-year-old former D&D addict Ethan Gilsdorf crisscrosses America, the world, and other worlds—from Boston to New Zealand, and Planet Earth to the realm of Aggramar.(source)

Have you read any of these? What did you think? … I think they looks pretty spiffing on my shutterstock bookcase, what about you?..

Full-bookcase - Copy

Until next time, read more books!..

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