Necroscope Novels by Brian Lumley

The Story

The protagonist Harry Keogh is no normal human, he has an unusually high intellect, keen fighting abilities and oh yea he can see dead people, as you can imagine in a modern day United Kingdom this may pose t be a problem. However Harry discovers that the dead are generally okay folks. They teach him the skills he’ll need to solve his mother’s murder, fight a growing menace of vampires and necromancers, and affect the growing operations of ESP-ionage on the world stage.

This is a series that is really not afraid to overindulge the reader, its throws spies, psychics, sorcerers, vampires and mathematical formulas for teleportation into the mix – and that’s just in the first of the 10 novel series extravaganza. With each novel the plot falls deeper and deeper into the fantasy genre a it builds up the lore and introduces new races and concepts gradually as the story progresses so despite the sheer quantity of stuff within the story, the reader is never overwhelmed with information, the story builds to such a extent that Vampire realms or inter-dimensional wars just come second nature to the plot.
TV or Film

Given the resounding success of both Game of Thrones and the BBC’s adaptation of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norell, there is a large market opening for dark fantasy on television. I believe all the ingredients for a decent production are there within the literature, its a slightly different line of story to the two mentioned above, but it could be filmed in hour episodes, giving more time for complicated plot points.

As for TV or Film, a TV series would be the best way to go in my opinion. It will be a little more difficult to produce. However, with over a dozen novels roughly coinciding with real-world time, there’s a lot of material to cover for aspiring writers and producers. This means there will be different styles of episode depending on the writer and producer, giving each episode a unique feel, similar to that of the Dr Who franchise.

Until next time, read more books!..

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