20651190Title: The Judas Scar
Author: Amanda Jennings
NO. of Pages:320
Published: May 1st 2014 by Cutting Edge Press

Lets start with the incredibly profound synopsis of this book, Scars. We all carry them. Some are mere scratches. Others run deeper. Its true we all have those niggling scars, those doubts those little voices that made us wish we had done something or handled something differently, those thoughts that well up in the back of your mind and stop you from resting peacefully, and bring forth emotions of pain, anguish or anger long since forgotten. It’s part of life, we box them up, repress them and move on but what happens when the box is opened?

Will and Luke are best friends at school, like all schools bullying is commonplace, However these too are involved in an event which was so horrific, it resulted in Luke leaving his best friend and his school for good.

Twenty-five years later the two cross paths again, Wills painful childhood memories flood back to him from his subconscious to haunt him. It couldn’t have come at a worse time his wife, Harmony is struggling to come to terms with her emotions after a recent miscarriage. But while Will draws further back into himself, his wife finds herself being drawn to the Charismatic stranger from Wills past and soon all three are caught in a web of lies,  deceit, betrayal and revenge.

Now I have to admit, this is not the usual kind of literature I go for, quite the opposite in fact, however it was recommended to me by a friend a few weeks ago, and I was privy to the Panel discussion with Amanda Jennings at the Britcrime festival,  in which her endearing nature persuaded me to give the book a shot and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised!

One of the main reasons I enjoy reading, is that a good storyline can only get you so far, the very world is created with the writers skill, being able to get a reader to sympathize with a character and their journey is no easy feat. Jessica manages to do this through her writing, she made me invest in the characters although I must admit I did struggle to relate to Harmony and found her character  considering the situation incredibly selfish.

The most interesting Characters by far where Will and Luke, the story made me want to know more about the incident that occurred when they where children. I found that the books strength was in relation to the emotions brought about by these too characters, For me, the book was at its strongest and at its most poignant, when the jealousy, abuse and revenge themes were explored.

I felt as though, the focus was slightly blurred, and it didn’t concentrate on certain issues and characters as much as I felt it should, but I think that’s more my own personal taste then an actual critique of the literature. Overall it was a quite interesting read, and it has opened the door and let me see a part of the crime genre I wouldn’t usually look at, and I am very thankful for that. I am afraid there will have to be some more convincing done in order to tear me away from my Dark literature.

Until next time, read more books

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