Hello again my fellow bookworms and page turners. In this post I am going to tell you about the goings on in within the Hull Comic Con. Which this year was hosted by the University of Hull in its Student union bar, Asylum.

This is Claude.. I wouldn’t mess with him!

The doors opened at 11am to its suspecting and eager crowd, as they entered the Venue they were greeted by was Claude the Darlek and his handler Luke who gave both a steely eyed greeting, and ‘Ex-term-inated’ any threats to the guests.

3D Printer in Operation

The Venue itself, was quite spacious in comparison to past comic events held throughout the city. The lower deck or as I call it “The Nerd-pit” (its alot like a mos
h pit except more fun, and less pain) was playing host to all sorts of feasts for the eyes, such as a set of several videogame consoles set up for some retro gaming, A stall ran by Kate Russell and her Publisher which sold copies of her book “mostly halmless”. A fully functioning and pretty darn spiffy 3D Printer, which was operational throughout the day, a couple of Comic book stalls and a wrestling events promotional area.

Overseeing this display of geekery was the conventions special guests on the back stage where you could meet and greet them and have your photograph taken. The Special Guest list included: Colin Baker, Normal Lovett and Jon Campling.

On the Upper floor, you had various vendors of all things “Cool and Nerdy” from comic books, to Lego figures, T-shirts to movie stills, not to mention sweets and Plushies.. so many Plushies!
The upper floor also included what I like to refer to as a Mini Artist Alley which housed the artistic prowess of Lee Bradley, Rachael Smith, & Lee Sullivan, among other talented artists. The Cult Cinema Sunday, and Hull Cinema Project were also present in this area selling large custom made alternative movie posters.

Now you have a general idea of what you missed out on merch-wise, I will cut to the chase and tell you about what I feel lies at the heart of any good convention.. the panels.

I will be covering 3 of the 5 panels that where up for grabs during the day long Convention. The three I am covering are:

·         Comic Book Panel (Lee Bradley, Rachael Smith, & Lee Sullivan)

·         How To Get Crowd Funded and a reading by Kate Russell

·         An Interview With Colin Baker

Taken by : Michaela from Cultured in Derby

I am afraid these will all be separate posts that will go up over the course of the weekend. The first of the three will be the Comic Book Panel which should be up later this evening. As the others have video content, they will more likely be up on the Sunday evening. I hope you all enjoyed this post and those of you who went had as good a time as I did, I mean it’s not every day you get to eat, drink, play, buy merch and meet Colin Baker is it!

Until Next time, read more books!….(with pictures 😉 )

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