If you went down to Hull Central Library Today, you were in for a big surprise!  

James Reckitt Reading Room, Hull Central Library

Today was one of those rare occasions where the Library opened the doors to one of its well kept “secret” collections, its Napoleon Collection. This was in order to commemorate the Battle of Waterloo. The collections comprised of maps, books, and sketches which were all laid out for viewing in the James Reckitt reading Room of the Central Library.

The Napoleon Collection, was originally Purchased from Mr J. Wilson-Smith in 1958. It was added to until the mid 1980’s, though only English language material was purchased by the library service.

DSC_0248 1800’S NAPOLEON BY ARMAND DAYOT (IN FRENCH) Cover and Internal

The above book which is a copy of the 1800’S NAPOLEON BY ARMAND DAYOT (IN FRENCH) is an amazing reference book chronicles the life of Napoleon Bonaparte through text and photos of artwork ~ paintings, sculptures, lithographs, objects of art ~ featuring the general-emperor. You reall need to see it to believe how many pieces of art used Napoleon as their subject! Impressive collection! and condisering the age, and that some twonk (me) managed to nearly drop it, its in fantastic condition!.

Other books such as AN HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OF THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO, aloDSC_0245ng with Topographical Plan’s has not faired as well as its fellow book companions however the look is quite extraordinary, as you can see from below, you get a sense of how old the book is, and how well read and loved it once was, i joked with the library clerk who was on duty at the time that it looks like its been in the Napoleonic wars with them, i then realized what an interesting time travel novel that would make, to be in the battle of Waterloo holding a blow by blow account of what happened, that would certainly be a game changer, its a good job the french never had such a thing.

out of all of these books and text that where on display, there was one thing that stood out to me, although they where copies and not originals, the only on which I believe to be an DSC_0246original was sellotaped together quite haphazardly which was a shame, and for some reason (must be fate) the picture I took of it didn’t come out very well, yes I am talking of course about Maps. The below is a copy of a Map of the Battle of Waterloo, having a background of Geology I know when I see a good map, and considering its a copy, I am very impressed with how detailed this particular map is.

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Until next time, read more books!..

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